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THE PAST, THE PRESENT, THE FUTURE — Running a business


Founder's Log, Week 13 (30JUL'20-15AUG '20) - Traffic vs Sales

Providing the inside to understanding that just because your website has a lot of traffic does not mean that your website is generating a lot of sales! Look at it not as a transaction but rather a generated lead of building your brand!

Founder's Log, Week 12 (16JUL'20-29JUL '20) - A Token of Appreciation

It's all about paying it forward and appreciating the forward progression you are making even if it isn't at the same rate of your competitors.

Founder's Log, Week 11 (03JUL'20-15JUL '20) - Maximizing the 24-Hours We Have

We talk about the importance of time management and direction that we have started to pursue to maximize outreach potential.

Founder's Log, Week 10 (25JUN'20-02JUL '20) - A marketing teams twist

With week 10 finally coming around and our full-time jobs beginning to take up a great deal of time, we want to outsource for a little assistance. A marketing company reached out and we think this could be a great collaboration!

Founder's Log, Week 9 (18JUN'20-24JUN '20) - 3 Steps to SELLING

Recently watched an incredible video on the strategies and methods to effectively selling a product. How to engage with customers and continue to build the relationship that has already been established thus so far. Some pretty interesting words by a guy named Ryan Serhant.