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The story behind

American Butchers JERKi

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Calvin Wineland, Austin Wineland, Calvin Wineland Jr. & Desiree Wineland (Left to right) 

American Butchers JERKi is the birth-child of the popular American Butchers in Dallas, Texas. The family run business was originally created in 2009 when Desiree & Calvin Wineland retired from the military after a combined service of 45 years. During their time in the military both Desiree and Calvin were aviators for the U.S. Army flying Ch-47s, AH-64s, and UH-60s. 

Today their dream of continued service and community involvement has pushed the expansion and development of our Beef Jerky operation: American Butchers JERKi. From a small butcher shop located in rural Nebraska, their continued effort to supporting local communities has spread across the midwest. A mission of providing quality farm raised product has since turned this once small time butcher shop into a generation run family business. 

The family is also made up of their two sons, Austin Wineland and Calvin Wineland Jr. who participate in the family business both being involved in American Butchers as well as serving in the United States Army. Austin a 91E (Allied Trade Specialist) and Calvin a 15A (Aviation pilot). Their combined involvement has demonstrated the passion in providing a premium, all natural, locally raised product for consumers as well as for members of our armed services stationed overseas. 


In 2009, my folks retired from the military. With a combined time in service of over 45 years, flying for the U.S. Army and being stationed in the Pentagon during 9/11. The events took an alter to my parents thinking and a realization to how precious life can be kicked in. It was on that day that my folks made the ultimate decision that when the time came, they would retire and relocate. 2009 rolls around and my parents find themselves looking for places to live following retirement. It had just happened to be that my father was from Nebraska, “The Good Life” as the slogan goes. My grandparents at the time lived there and as it turned out Nebraska is one of the safest places in the United States, located directly in the middle of our great country. So, where does the meat play into all of this?

When you think of Nebraska what do you think of? Football? Corn? And Cows? That’s right, Nebraska actually is the nation’s leading Beef product export according to the nda.nebraska.gov. Everyone in our community was either a farmer or a rancher. Small local family owned farms were competing against large corporations and packers and processors would typically only have one contract with big ranches and big feeding lots. With their experience in the military, traveling to numerous Third World Countries, their missions were revolved around rebuilding communities. With my mother being the first women commander of an Apache helicopter unit, conflicted communities were her experience. We noticed the importance of butchers and processors for local families so when the local preacher came knocking on their door with an opportunity to buy a 1970s meat processing locker opened, they jumped on it. Being in the military and focusing entirely on safety, American Butchers became certified as the smallest USDA facility in the country. Nebraska has a 4 cow to every 1 person ration so we needed to look at expanding our operation outside of Nebraska. We found location #2 in Dallas, Texas. Our retail operation allows us to sell beef, pork and lamb raised from FFA, 4-H kids, and local farmers and ranchers across the Midwest out of a central brick-and-mortar location downtown at the Dallas Farmers Market.

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Helping preserve rural American agriculture by providing 100% locally sourced American raised Beef Jerky to support first responders and military members stationed overseas.


Here at American Butchers JERKi we do things just a little different. American Butchers JERKi starts their process with the freshest product straight from the farm. With our beef being hand selected from local farmers and ranchers in our community, we can ensure that quality starts from the beginning. No Cisco or cheap product beef being masked with great flavor. Great JERKi starts with great beef. From there we continue quality by adding our own blend of hand-picked, hand crafted seasoning blends prepared by our in-house Smoke Master.

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Each cow is hand picked by local farms and ranches raised by FFA and 4-H students in an effort to preserve rural American Agriculture. All Beef raised in the USA

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Each small batch of jerky is smoked with chopped hickory wood chips adding a traditional smokey flavor

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Each marinade blend is made with real spices each picked from our local farmers market ensuring the riches flavor possible

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