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Founder's Log, Week 5 (14May-21May '20) - LAUNCHING OUR FIRST SHOPIFY STORE

We have officially launched our very first Shopify Store. This weeks blog highlights the behind-the-scenes for launch as well as the process to completely selling out within the first week of opening!

Founder's Log, Week 4 (30Apr-13May '20)

The best time to start something is NOW. Starting now allows you to experience the most direct methods of progression rather than continuing to believe or dream about what could have been. Join me and let's start something together!

Founder's Log, Week 3 (023Apr-29Apr '20)

Week 3 highlights the tips and tricks I've learned in running a social media campaign for Instagram. We have so much to learn but we have taken the best tips and tricks from numerous articles and compiled them here for your pleasure. We also go into a rough overview of shipping supplies and figuring out what can work best for our business. ENJOY!

Founder's Log, Week 2 (016Apr-22Apr '20)

In today's iteration of the Founder's Log, we talk about everything from future opportunities with production increase, the benefit of using friends and family to read through and assist with content and grammatical errors in our website, and stress the importance of maintaining key fundamentals to social media/ marketing building.

Founder's Log, Week 1 (07Apr-15Apr '20)

Our first introduction into the Founder's Log, a behind-the-scenes look to the past week, the present day, and future plans for American Butchers JERKi. Today's conversation covers email forwarding and email setup, the importance of blogging for a website, and the goal of becoming more active on social media.