Founder's Log #15 (20May'21) - Welcome Back

Founder's Log #15 (20May'21) - Welcome Back

The Founder's Log is back with episode 15. It's been some time since we've last talked about things happening for American Butchers JERKi but we are back and we are updating everyone on things so far!

Founder's Log, Week 13 (30JUL'20-15AUG '20) - Traffic vs Sales

Providing the inside to understanding that just because your website has a lot of traffic does not mean that your website is generating a lot of sales! Look at it not as a transaction but rather a generated lead of building your brand!

Founder's Log, Week 10 (25JUN'20-02JUL '20) - A marketing teams twist

With week 10 finally coming around and our full-time jobs beginning to take up a great deal of time, we want to outsource for a little assistance. A marketing company reached out and we think this could be a great collaboration!

Founder's Log, Week 8 (04JUN'20-17JUN '20) - The Week of moving forward

Week 8 here on the founder's log. Focusing on developing forward progression in brand identity as well as the buzz that is developing regarding our mission.

Founder's Log, Week 7 (28May-03June '20) - The Importance of the Buyers Persona

Today we focus entirely on the importance of a Buyers Persona and how importance it can be to create an ideal fictional customer. Buyer personas allow a business to visualize their target audience and how they want to engage with their customer audience.