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Founder's Log, Week 7 (28May-03June '20) - The Importance of the Buyers Persona

Today we focus entirely on the importance of a Buyers Persona and how importance it can be to create an ideal fictional customer. Buyer personas allow a business to visualize their target audience and how they want to engage with their customer audience.

Founder's Log, Week 6 (22May-27May '20) - Understanding Blog writing and what makes a great blog

This weeks journal in the Founder's Log highlights our push for blogging and the importance of consistency. We want to provide an opportunity for customers to engage with our business and learn something rather than just buy a product. We want to provide valuable information and allow you to understand the meaning behind certain aspects of this business thus we have increased our blog production to provide valuable insight! Check it out!

Founder's Log Podcast #7 - Emails and subscriber lists 13Apr20

Founder's Log Podcast #6 - The decision to use Shopify 08Apr20

When it comes to setting up an E-commerce store, it is important to make sure you are using the right one. Today we highlight exactly why we have chosen Shopify and what you too can understand from selecting Shopify as your platform for launch.

Founder's Log Podcast #5 - One month of forward progression 22Feb20