*Donated bags to Deployed Service Members: 1,297*


Enterprise, AL (09NOV) - American Butchers JERKi announced its fulfillment of its 200th donated bag of beef jerky. The donation comes six months after the official launch of online sales. With donations spanning across the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, service members on America’s frontlines have enjoyed American Butchers JERKi.


Donations of Taste of Home to service members overseas have been well received according to President and CEO Calvin D. Wineland Jr.: “The most satisfying part of these last six months of sales has been the reception of our jerky by the troops overseas. The most important part of our business from day one has been providing both a quality snack and reminder of home.” American Butchers JERKi has its eyes set on achieving its goal of 500 donations within the first year of operations. Wineland is encouraged by the positive reaction of the customers: “The overwhelmingly positive reaction to our product thus far has American Butchers JERKi excited about fulfilling hundreds of more donations in the months to come.”


  • Donations have gone to Army and Marine Corps units deployed to Romania, Germany, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea


About American Butchers JERKi: American Butchers JERKi is a beef jerky business dedicated to sending beef jerky care packages to American service members deployed overseas. Made from cattle grown in America’s Heartland and smoked for hours with hickory wood, American Butchers JERKi offers four savory flavors of beef jerky through its online store americanbutchersjerki.com. For every two bags of beef jerky sold, American Butchers JERKi sends one bag to a service member deployed overseas.

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